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Automating the Science of Retail™

A retail business has many critical components that must run smoothly as one to produce sustainable profit. It’s like putting together the pieces of a very complex puzzle and involves a careful balance of both science and art. Inventory management, supplier communication, point-of-sale, reporting, and database management are all examples of the "science" that goes into running a business. Customer service, marketing, community involvement, and new product research are examples of the "art" that goes into running a business. So, what if you had one technology vendor to automate the science of your business providing you and your staff more time to focus on the art? That's what ECRS does in a nutshell; we take care of the science enabling you to run your business better.

But we aren't just "science"; our technology is developed by one of the largest, most experienced development teams in the industry and backed by an award-winning support team, expert consulting services, project management, and on-site installation. We also offer a variety of flexible training options including free online training.

ECRS solutions are designed, developed, and supported in the USA.

"This system gives me time; time to spend with my family and time to focus on the things that seed new ideas and business growth. As business owners, time is our most valuable asset and is irreplaceable. Critical store processes are now automated, which opens the door to give new initiatives a chance, such as creative marketing to customers. If I'm constantly occupied with tedious processes and mistake-fixing, I can't achieve my long-term business goals."
- Joel Patterson, Nature's Green Grocer Market & Cafe.

ECRS places #1 in RIS Software LeaderBoard Overall Top 20

ECRS Named Watauga County Business of the Year